Why I love shoes


I know you’re used to travel posts only, but what you have to know about me is that I love shoes. I’m obsessed with shoes. Before I gave up the steady life and went full on nomad I used to have a lovely dressing room, half filled with shoes. As you can imagine I suffer a bit from not having all of my shoes at my disposal at all times, but I’ve learned to prioritize (with shoes? how? I know, right…).

I think my obsession with shoes came from the fact that I had some idea in my mind of how they should look and every time I found something similar to what I had in mind I would buy it. Well, now I don’t need to do that anymore. I’ve been lucky enough to find this company that does custom shoes – Shoes of Prey.

And I know what you think, either they give you a few models to choose from and call it custom or you have to go to their shop a hundred times till they get it right. That is NOT the case! I do everything online and you get to choose even the color of your zipper!!

I’ve managed to create the perfect pair of boots, exactly how I’ve imagined them: metallic green leather, beige insole and outsole, perfect shape, slim stiletto 3.9" heel with a mid panel of the exact same color and material.

I don’t know about you, but creating my own shoes make me very proud (whoop, whoop). The best part about creating my own shoes is that I was able add a custom inscription on the insole. Of course you can add anything from “Today is your day!", “Chase your dreams!" to anything motivational or inspirational, but I chose to keep it simple and just write “by Kristina Crown".

As you can guess by now, that’s my favorite pair of shoes! Thanks, Shoes of Prey <3



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