How I decided to start a blog and travel full time


I’ve been wanting to start a blog since I don’t know when! My main reason for blogging is my passion for traveling. If you didn’t already know that go ahead and check out my instagram where you can find a bunch of lovely travel pictures.

I’m a European girl that always wanted to travel more. A year ago my wish came true and I started traveling full time. I’ll never forget my first trip outside the country. It was in 1995 when I was 5 years old and I went on a trip with my parents to Greece! Of course, I didn’t understand much, but as I grew up I realized I have already been infected with the travel bug. After already having visited Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and many other European countries with my parents, I started wanting more. I started heading towards islands and other continents.

Needless to say it only took me a few years to realize that’s what I wanted to do with my life. Travel, discover, explore, experience, try everything!

That covers the “traveling full time” part.

Now, how did I get to start a blog? Well… After 22 years of having traveled the world and around 4 years of having an instagram account I started thinking about all the amazing places that I’d seen and the amazing pictures that I could’ve had if only I would’ve cared about it. So I started caring. In 2017 I’ve been to New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris, 20 cities in Spain, Dominican Republic and Bermuda. It was only in Bermuda that I realized the above mentioned 😐

So now here I am trying to share with everybody the amazing things that I’ve seen, but most of all that I have experienced and learned!


P.S.: Yup, that’s me when I was 8 years old posing in Monte Carlo. Do notice the amazing depth of field haha 😉



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